What We Do

GVS America is a dynamic company providing profitable opportunities on meaningful brands in the Sporting Goods, Footwear & Apparel sectors which we either own or license in conjunction with our parent companies: INA Sports Inc. & FGL Sports.

We seek to acquire and license brands that will bring value to our retail partners across the world.

We provide brand support, marketing & strategy on the brands we own & license.

In house marketing team, providing support and creative strategies for our retail partners

Provide an extensive range of outdoor, action sports and lifestyle products over several different categories and brands. 

Our stable of diverse brands allows us to strategically place different brands in the many retail channels in which we work with. (Sporting Goods, Department Store, Mass, etc…)

Corporate office is located in Seattle, WA with 2 offices in California.

We have our own in house sourcing team located in Calgary, Alberta which has experience in sourcing hundreds of millions of dollars in Sporting goods, in both hard & soft lines.

Specific expertise in creating and tailoring targeted programs for our retail partners.

Develop programs for our retail partners in categories where we have core competencies and brands to choose from such as snow, action sports, & hockey with creative marketing, support and terms packages.

Provide support and inventory fulfillment for retailers on programmed business.

Own our own Distribution Center with in house staff located in Kent, WA. Sourcing expertise allows us to provide best in industry pricing to our retail partners.

Our sourcing team has over 25 years of experience and sources product for over 1000 retail doors across the globe.

With our sourcing expertise we have become an extension of our retail partners buying teams. 
We provide industry leading customer service to our retail partners and “out of the box” solutions to problems that typically arise on the sourcing side.